Solstice Festival - all about the Craft! Solstice Festival - all about the Craft!

Solstice Festival

Its all about the Craft

This is the highlight of our year !

It started in 2007 with only a handful of breweries and one musical act.

It has now grown into a respected Craft Beer Festival reflecting the passion, joys and fruits of this amazing industry.

It is held every year on the scenic premises of The Ale House.

It is a one-day festival filled with lots of fun for the whole family.

We only allow the sale of food that is locally sourced within a 50km radius from the event.

The various food and ale stalls are owner operated. No resellers are allowed, thus ensuring the freshness and integrity to shine through to you! You will surely taste the difference.

Solstice is in its essence a farmer`s festival originating from ancient times, when people still found the joy and spiritual meaning in the turn of the seasons and the gifts of the land.

A time when producers and consumers were not separated yet. When all the food/ale had a story.

The Solstice Festival is held every year on the actual Winter Solstice (southern hemisphere) date, or closest Saturday thereto.

Tickets are sold via the internet and at the gate on the day. 

The number of tickets available is capped, to ensure the preservation of the intimacy and exclusivity of the event.


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