Ale House Friends

Ale House Friends

Journey to where it all began....

Things to do, see and experience - meet a number of highly skilled craft brewers making some of the best beer in South Africa.

"Uniting fine beer and serene cuisine. "Awesome beer, awesome friends.  Enjoy our mouth watering beer and delicious food in the magalies mountains."

The combination of the brewing skills of our brewer, the  high-tech brewing equipment and best ingredients produces a consistent high quality beer.

Crisp refreshing lager, fruity aromas of our ales to the roasted coffee and chocolate notes of our dark lagers!

"Chameleon Brewhouse was unwittingly born in a small German town called Weickersheim where we sampled Weiss Beer for the first time."

"The key to our continued growth and success lies in a superbly enjoyable, hand-made product, loyal customers and our highly service orientated approach", Chris Barnard, Chief Brewer.

The Cockpit Brewhouse features diverse types of quality beers (ales), brewed on site.

The brewery is located at the farm 'Klein Afrika', just outside Parys in the picturesque Vredefort Dome.

For your home brewing needs!

Call 082 464 9387