Come to the Ale House in Broederstroom Come to the Ale House in Broederstroom

We love Craft Beer

The Ale House is situated in Broederstroom - a stone’s throw away from the Hartbeespoort Dam.

It is a small country inn and ale house where one can sit on the stoep and enjoy nature along with a wholesome ale.

Our ale is rewed with fresh mountain spring water and only the best gmo-free ingredients available.

I believe only in honest brewing practises, and despise brewers who use chemicals and other enhancers to stretch their product.

Ale House is one of the only micro-breweries that occasionally practises the art of floor malting its grain on a seasonal basis.

In other word when the barley comes off the fields in November we sprout and malt our own grain for the beer.

Just one more assurance that the soft natural flavours that you are enjoying in your pint, did not come from commercial raw materials but are a direct spin-off from my Plough-to-Pint policy.

My beer is always fresh with a short shelf life , it is never bottled or mass distributed. But it is honest, real, and damn right good for you.

Every batch is always personally brewed by me and carries my own personal flavour signature.


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